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Olympism In Action

Ashli Williamson, WDSF Athltetes' Commission chair, reports on a workshop held in Bangkok, THA, jointly between the IOC and the Association of IOC Regognised International Sports Federations, of which WDSF is a member.

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Day Two By Ashli

Ashli Williamson continues reporting from Bangkok, THA, where she attends the different meetings held in conjunction with SportAccord. With the upcoming YOG being a major topic, discussions were held with the IOC.

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SportAccord Bangkok

Ashli On Day One

Ashli Williamson, the chair of the Athletes' Commission and currently member of the WDSF delegation to SportAccord in Bangkok, THA, keeps a diary on what  she sess, hears and does at this world summit of sports and business.

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IWGA General Meeting Votes

Sixth Term For Hinder

The executive board of the International World Games Association (IWGA) has been elected by the IWGA 2018 General Meeting in Bangkok, THA. WDSF President stood for re-election to a sixth term as IWGA Tresurer.

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Bangkok Bound

A sizeable delegation of the World DanceSport Federation will soon be travelling to Bangkok, THA, for the 2018 edition of SportAccord, the "World Sport and Business Summit." WDSF President Hinder runs for the IWGA Board.

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2018 European Cup and U-21 World © FDSARR

All Of Russia

Over the past weekend, the All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll had two mega events taking place at locations which are 2,000 km apart and established an air bridge between the two.

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Breaking for Gold in Essen © Little Shao

Breaking Rules

Breaking Rules - something which admittedly sounds like a contradiction in terms - have been published by the World DanceSport Federation after several months of hard work by the authors. They will govern breaking at the YOG!

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