Jaak Vainomaa and Taina Savikurki © Rautio

Parting Ways | Staying Friends

During the Finnish DanceSport Championships last Saturday, the country's stand-out dancers and reigning World Champions Ten Dance, Jaak Vainomaa and Taina Savikurki, announced the end of their partnership and looked back at their career.

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2017 Latin Quarter World Open © Melnikova

Le Tout-Moscou

The traditional Latin Quarter open competitions bring again couples by the hundreds to the floor of the Crocus Expo on the outskirts of Moscow. It's good to see that DanceSport is trhiving in Russia despite the adversities it is facing.

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The Swinguys

Bassano: Day Two

Streaming continues from the 2017 Bassano Open today. After yesterday's World U-21 Latin, the highlights are an International Open, Opens and these four gentlemen, the "Swinguys." The transmission starts again from 14:00 UTC/GMT. 

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27 February - Bassano, ITA © Goetz

Live from Bassano, ITA

The live webcast from the 2017 Bassano Open starts at 14:00 UTC/GMT with the Open finals of the SEN I and SEN III Standard plus the Rising Star Latin. The U-21 World Latin get's underway at 15:00 UTC with the Opening Ceremony.

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2017 Bassano Open

In Diretta Da Bassano

Another live webcast coming up this weekend: as they did on previous occasions, the Bassano organisers provide a quality stream from their Open that includes the 2017 World U-21 Latin as the absolute highligh on Saturday.

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WDSF on Instagram

Follow Us Here Too

WDSF has been present on Instagram for four years already, has posted some 150 photographs and even a few videos over this time, and has treated its presence on the platform in rather nonchalant way. Well, this shall change ...

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B-Girl Terra © Little Shao

2018 YOG Coming Early

For one of the stars in "Brilliance," the video that promotes Breaking at the Buenos Aires 2018 YOG, the games come early. Wonder B-Girl Terra from London will only turn 12 next year. But that should put her on track for 2022 and beyond!

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