Variations on the Classics

From Classic to Contemporary

New disciplines continue to evolve from the Latin and Standard dances. Three disciplines that have their origins in the classics are also contested in official IDSF DanceSport competitions. The essence of Latin and Standard is preserved, even in formation or  freestyle!

Ten Dance

While Latin and Standard are two stand-alone disciplines, with competitions generally held per discipline, they are combined in Ten Dance. Couples perform all ten dances in what could best be described as DanceSport's own decathlon.


Formation Dance

Latin or Standard dances are also programme for competitions held per discipline in Formation Dance. Teams made up of six to eight couples perform choreographed routines, demonstrating individual technique as well as synchronicity between the couples on the floor. They dance to their own music, a medley of the five Latin or Standard dances.



Latin and Standard Showdance are the most recent additions to the disciplines that continue to evolve from the ten classic dances. Under somewhat different rules but still preserving the character of each dance, couples perform the Freestyle routines to music of their choice.