All PD Athletes ... 28/07/2015

Lina ChatkeviciuteDear PD athletes,

The dialogue between athletes and officials is very important in order to discover the needs and ideas of both parties, and to develop the Professional Division further.

This is the reason we organize the WDSF PD athletes meeting. It will be held on 12 August during GOC in the Maritim Hotel, Saal Maritim (breakfast hall). Meeting time is 12.00 h.

The meeting is organized by the WDSF Athletes' Commission and PD athletes' representative Lina Chatkeviciute,

WDSF PD officials in the meeting:

  • Director-Treasurer Verena Sulek
  • Deputy director Sasha Melnikov
  • Sports director Hubert De Maesschalck
  • Deputy sport director Martin Pastor

Main meeting topics:

Look at main PD events of  2014-2015: what was done, what are futher requirements?

Event calendar 2015-2016 main events, plans, projects to develope PD system.

Judging system for official PD events: look at PD judging system model, solo dances in Championships  etc.

Involvement of PD couples in non-competitive WDSF projects: lectures, demonstrations, etc.

Other ideas, further discussions ...

These are the main subjects that that will be discussed during the meeting, but of course we are open for more ideas from athletes and officials.

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