Harald Hocheder

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Member Id number (MIN)10021622
Current age groupSenior IIIa
Member of Deutscher Tanzsportverband e.V.,


Division: General
Status: Active
26.13 April 2014OpenStandardSenior IILjubljana - Slovenia
33.07 December 2013OpenStandardSenior IIMaribor - Slovenia
37.15 September 2013OpenStandardSenior IIPrague - Czech Republic
24.14 March 2013OpenStandardSenior IIBrno - Czech Republic
19.23 September 2012OpenStandardSenior IIKistelek - Hungary
30.09 September 2012OpenStandardSenior IIPrague - Czech Republic
15.08 September 2012OpenStandardSenior IIBratislava - Slovakia
48.28 July 2012OpenStandardSenior IISchladming - Austria
65.08 April 2012OpenStandardSenior IICambrils - Spain
140.07 April 2012World ChampionshipStandardSenior IICambrils - Spain
28.23 March 2012OpenStandardSenior IIBrno - Czech Republic
11.18 September 2011OpenStandardSenior IIKistelek - Hungary
31.11 September 2011OpenStandardSenior IIPrague - Czech Republic
27.10 September 2011OpenStandardSenior IIBratislava - Slovakia
25.19 June 2011OpenStandardSenior IIWels - Austria
56.05 June 2011OpenStandardSenior IIVienna - Austria
77.01 May 2011OpenStandardSenior IIPalma de Mallorca, Calvià - Spain
208.30 April 2011World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIPalma de Mallorca, Calvià - Spain
32.25 March 2011OpenStandardSenior IIBrno - Czech Republic
78.27 February 2011OpenStandardSenior IIDresden - Germany
10.19 September 2010OpenStandardSenior IIKistelek - Hungary
83.03 July 2010OpenStandardSenior IIWuppertal - Germany
7.12 June 2010OpenStandardSenior IISzombathely - Hungary
47.24 April 2010OpenStandardSenior IILinz - Austria
58.04 April 2010OpenStandardSenior IISitges (Barcelona) - Spain
142.03 April 2010World ChampionshipStandardSenior IISitges (Barcelona) - Spain
40.28 March 2010OpenStandardSenior IIVienna - Austria
32.26 March 2010OpenStandardSenior IIBrno - Czech Republic
167.02 May 2009World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIPlatja d'Aro (Barcelona) - Spain
CoupleNameNationalityCompeting forStatusJoinedRetired
detailsIris HochederGermanyGermanyActive01/11/2006
Country of origin: Germany
I mainly live in: Germany
Profession or education: economic consultant
Maritial status: married
Hobbies: keyboard, garden, music, computers
Preferred dances: standard, latin, new vogue
Personal strength: not to give up
Main trainers: Schramm Peter, Baumanis Juris und Biruta
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Up Close!

How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

2000, 2003 with tournaments

What are your aims in Dancesport?

to enter the top-50 of the world

Do you have time to meet friends outside of DanceSport?

too less

What is your motto in life?

100% is the bottom limit