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First View

... of the VENUE!

The floor The IDSF Communications team has arrived at the site of the IDSF 2011 European Latin, the 'Palais des Sports' that is just adjacent to the famous Vélodrôme stadium, home of Olympique Marseille.

It's the calm before the storm, with the volunteers of the organising club, the 'Club de la Danse Amateur de Marseille' working hard and putting the finishing touches on the floor and surroundings.

Where are the medals? The IDSF Sports Director, Marco Sietas, does the first briefing with the Adjudicators. And then, suddenly, he realises: "Where are the medals?" That's when he came to us and asked us to convey the following message to IDSF President Carlos Freitag, who is still at the hotel.

"Please, go to my room and bring the medals. Thanks!"