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2011 Grand Slam Latin Final | Team RUS III

Vladimir Karpov - Mariya Tzaptashvilli, RUS, dance in the final of the 2011 WDSF Grand Slam Latin Final in Salou, ESP. The two placed 5th.


BkPeWYEvT2A|Vladimir Karpov - Mariya Tzaptashvilli, RUS


Signing Off | Thanking You For Following

This is the final post in this blog. When it was in live mode, it drew another record audience. Given the quality of dancing shown by the 24 couples in the 2011 Grand Slam Finals, that was hardly a surprise. However, the fact that visitors stayed longer than ever - and until very late by Central European Time zone standards - was much appreciated not only by us, WDSF Communications, but by the couples too.

This also wraps up our live reporting for the year. And what a year it was: 12 blogs kept you informed about the main events in DanceSport and gave you the front row seat to watch some of the very best dancing ... We will be back next year with more blogs and coverage on WDSF championships and Grand Slams.

We will use the two months without major competitions to organise the content here and on DanceSport Total, the WDSF YouTube channel (that is about to break the mark of 5 million videos viewed), upload the highlights produced ny IEC in Sports and much more.

Thanks for following!

The 2011 WDSF Communications Team: Heidi Goetz, Prof Helmut Roland, John Caprez, Kathy Lang, Martin Branc, Ferran Castañner and Roland Hilfiker