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Air Konovaltsev - Konovaltseva The # 4 ranked couple in the world, Sergei Konovaltsev and Olga Konovaltseva, RUS, will not be dancing in the 2011 Grand Slam Final Standard. We don't really know why they have declined even though they had qualified hands down, but we assume that the brother-sister team must have valid reasons for not travelling to the Golden Coast next weekend.

Since some of us (photographers and videographers) at WDSF Communications are great fans of their very particular style in Standard (I hope we're allowed to mention that here without offending anyone, or, even worse, without influencing the judges), we can only say: "Air Konovaltsev shall be sorely missed!"

Another Russian couple, Danil Ulanov and Irina Gogoladze, will not compete either. But even so, Russia will field the strongest contingent with five couples.

Sergei Konovaltsev - Olga Konovaltseva, RUS