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Starry Nights: One Week Away!

2011 WDSF Grand Slam Series

Under the tagline "Starry Nights at the Golden Coast" WDSF Communications produces unprecedented coverage on the 2011 Grand Slam Finals in Salou, ESP.

It will be a live stream on both the Standard (3 December) and the Latin (4 December) Final. Plus highlights on both finals and interviews/background pieces on the 12 best Grand Slam couples in each Standard and Latin will make for comprehensive coverage on what is the pinnacle of the 2011 Series. Follow all the action here and on: |!/DanceSportTotal

It was a long journey for all 24 couples who have qualified for the 2011 Grand Slam Finals. The 2011 Series took them from the Danish capital in February to the Spanish Costa Dorada in December – and to two, three or even four other destinations in between. The frequent flyer miles accrued by the 48 athletes competing in the Finals should qualify them for an upgrade on their flights back from Barcelona. At least!

2011 WDSF Grand Slam Series