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The Bonus Track

On Air With the Grand Slam scheduled fashionably late, round one starts at 21:20, we have decided to stream another highlight of the XIII Spanish Open LIVE prior to that.

The final of the WDSF Professional Division Open Standard will be danced at 20:45 CET and we will show you that in full length.

We also advise that the Grand Slam Latin Final consists of three rounds. They have been confirmed to be on time, no delays as we had experienced yesterday, and they  start respectively at ...

21:25 | Round 1 | 12 couples dancing

22:08 | Semi-Final  9 couples dancing

23:10 | Final

The final will take one full hour with all dances performed as solos.

For those who will be in bed by then, the live stream will be recorded as well. You can watch tomorrow at work!