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The Grand Slam That Was Not Danced

11 March 2011 If one of the 2011 Grand Slam legs needs to get singled out in this blog, it must be the one in Tokyo that was never danced. Nearly all the couples who will be present in Salou had flown to Japan and were in or around the capital when disaster struck on 11 March at 14:46 JST. After nature unleashed its most devastating forces and victimised the people of Japan, sports had suddenly lost all importance.

Immediately following the quake and tsunami, and in face of the mounting threats of a nuclear catastrophe, the DanceSport community expressed its solidarity with the people in Japan through donations. 

Ahead of the 2011 Finals, WDSF encourages everyone following this blog to make another donation to the ongoing relief efforts by the Japan Red Cross Society through the Google Crisis Response.

Solidarity With Japan


IDSF urges all visitors to to donate to the Red Cross relief efforts in Japan (here).