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We Will Rock You Too!

Maurizio and Jade Mandorino, SUI WDSF Communications has just received a note from the Vice-President of the World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation, a WDSF Associate Member since 1995, advising that videos are now available on the recent WRRC World Championships in Munich, GER.

It is with great pleasure that we follow Daniel Bachmann's suggestion and incorporate these videos into our Gallery ... and post one of them right here. The top three couples in the Main Class with their performances in the final of the WRRC World Championship 2011!




1. Jacek Tarczylo - Anna Miadzielec, POL

2. Maurizio and Jade Mandorino, SUI

3. Florian Baron - Buylaine Golf,  FRA

WRRC has its own YouTube channel "The WRRC" with a few more videos.