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Gracious Hosts For Twenty Years

1992 World Standard Saturday's World Championship is a premiere for the hosts in Singapore. Even more: it is for the first time ever that the world title in Latin is contested in Asia. As such it should bring back memories of another event that made history nearly 20 years ago.

In the annals of the Singapore DanceSport Federation we came across a report on the 1992 IDSF World DanceSport Championship Standard.


"Saturday, 4 April 1992, was a very special day for all members of the Amateur DanceSport Association (ADSA). Not only did Singapore become the first country in Asia to host the World DanceSport Championship Standard, we broke three records doing it. 

For the first time in the history of any World Championship, a record number of 65 couples took part. It was also the first time that 39 countries were represented, breaking another record. Some 4,000 spectators witnessed the crowning of the World Champions that night, making it the largest number of spectators in any DanceSport event in South-East Asia ...

So, Singapore had her “premiere", and the IDSF was thrilled. ADSA's dream had come true. At the farewell dinner hosted by the IDSF at the world famous Raffles Hotel, IDSF President Detlef Hegemann assured that more World and International Championships would be organised in Asia in future. What wonderful news!"

The pledge made by Detlef Hegemann, the WDSF Honorary President who passed away on 23 August 2011, did indeed bring many more top-level DanceSport events to the city-state. Grand Slams, Grand Slam Finals, World and Continental Championships!

Read up on some of the major championships that were organised by the Singapore DanceSport Federation (previously ADSA) here.

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