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Last Stop Before Singapore

2011 Кубок Чемпионов - 2011 Champions Cup The website reports about the 2011 Champions Cup in Latin that has taken place yesterday in Moscow, RUS. In its sixth edition, the invitational event gathered six champion couples for a competition held under very special rules. The most basic requirement for couples to be invited by the Russian organisers: local, national, continental, world - anything - but champions they must be! Another rule specifies that a different attire must be worn for every dance. Overall, the event's format is certainly one deserving of the label "made for TV". 90 minutes and it's over, and the judges have to be seated in order to avoid conflict with the cameras! 

Just one week prior to the World Latin in Singapore, three of the nominated couples had traveled to Russia to take part in the Champions Cup.

Aniello Langella

Krystyna Mososhenka


Gabriele Pasquale Goffredo

Anna Matus


Miha Vodicar

Nadiya Bychkova


Courtesy of here's a clip with all of them plus Imametdinov Timur - Nikolaeva Ekaterina, RUS, Kiselev Andrey - Selivanova Anastasia, RUS, and Makarov Alexandr - Balaeva Anastasia, KAZ, on the floor at the Luzhniki Sports Complex in Moscow. More on!