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Official And Detailed

2011 WDSF World Latin Round 1 © Roland The official results are now posted on; click here to access the full set.

Even after an almost excessively long day we will continue to upload more videos from round one right through to the final. There is a substantial backlog to deal with, but at a more leisurely pace we should be able to get it all up within the next 24 hours. You have certainly noticed that we were not nearly as fast as we were reporting from the Stuttgart Grand Slam. I spare you the technical details, but it was a struggle from the word go … Our “nearly real-time” coverage was unacceptably delayed … Sorry!

Still, with the results in hand, you can now kick back, look at all the dances, and build your personal opinion as to the new Latin order that has been established by the panel of WDSF Adjudicators in Singapore. That is the windfall from our “Live from …” blogs.

We are taking a short break! Will be back soon!