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Pre-Championship Coverage II

Not the Danes again, you say. But yes, it is them. Again! Gladys Tay conducts the interview with Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildstrup, DEN.


As we uploaded this interview, after the one with Andrey and Anna, we discovered that we received an interesting comment on the first one on YouTube. Sara wrote:

"i like them, but in my opinion, it's not polite to the other couples who are also candidates for the title to interview just Anna and Andrey. It seems like the organizers favour this couple, and that's not real sport behaviour ..."

WDSF Communications replied:

We appreciate your comment very much and we will reply to it first thing tomorrow, just as soon as we upload the interviews with other participating couples. We understand your concerns and assure you that we, too, are concerned and determined to avoid any bias or favouritism whatsoever in the coverage we produce. Please, check our blog tomorrow.

Your thoughts on the topic?

In part, our reply is herewith given: we uploaded another one ... and even more are still to come. As was planned!