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The Final Post: Singapore Made History

Zoran Plohl - Tatsiana Lahvinovich, CRO © Chieko Abe This is the final post to the "Live from Singapore" blog. WDSF Communications would like to thank all of the loyal followers for their outstanding support over the last eight days. You all made the crucial bit of difference in a campaign that established DanceSport to be capable of driving an audience just as massive as those of what some label as the "mainstream sports". We had more unique visitors than ever spending more time on this blog and on With the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total we left some of the most successful channels and some of the strongest sports brands in our territory behind for a number of days. You made us # 1 in Spain for the number of videos viewed´╗┐ per day (13 September), # 2 and # 3 for numbers of videos viewed per week, top ten for the month ... And on and on!/DanceSportTotal we gained momentum too!


We should be back with more soon: the 2011 World Youth Latin and the Grand Slam in Ostrava, CZE, on 1 and 2 October, will likely be our next blogs. To be confirmed by mid next week!

And finally, here's the Final Reel - Part II on the six finalists in Singapore!


kMOBrA9OXkM|2011 WDSF World Latin: The Final Reel - Part II