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The Solo Cha Cha Chas

2011 WDSF World Latin Finalists © Roland Before departing Singapore, WDSF Communications uploaded the six solo Cha Cha Chas of the final in the 2011 World DanceSport Championship Latin to its YouTube channel DanceSport Total, which is currently ranked as the # 4 most visited Partner channel in Spain (ahead of the official Real Madrid CF channel) for today. Who said that DanceSport cannot beat football in terms of popularity?

To keep the thread alive on this blog, we make them available here as well. And more: for the first time ever, WDSF Communications had two cameramen on location at the championship. We will shortly start to upload the Cha Cha solos filmed from floor level to provide you with yet another angle at some of the most spectacular Lation action ever. So return here soon for more ...

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