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ROC: All Day, All Styles, All Ages

2011 ROC WDSF Communications can count on the help of InterDance in the production of coverage on the 2011 World Standard. The player in the top tier of this blog provides our followers with a permanent live stream from the venue, the Crocus Expo in Moscow. At this very moment (11:00 CEST) the live signal is on the World Standard but throughout the day covers all the other events (International Open Latin, etc.) as well.

The unique set-up allows you to watch all the action of the Russian Open and to follow the 2011 World Standard minute-by-minute with an even greater variety of angles on every round.

Another novelty for this blog: YOU may COMMENT on any post - even on the live stream - without the need to register yourself first. As YOU are taking advantage of this change in policy, WDSF Communications wishes to remind YOU that profanity, insults and abusive language have no place on this blog!



WDSF Communications would like to thank InterDance for allowing to embed their live stream on the Official Championship Blog!