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Round 3 In Progress

2011 World Standard Moscow © Roland With Round 3 in progress at the Crocus Expo in Moscow, we advance to the decisive stages of the World Standard. The remaining schedule for tonight has been published as follows:

19:30 CEST Semi-Final - Top 12

20:30 CEST Final - Top 6

The emphasis of the WDSF Communications team in Moscow is put on providing you with (nearly) instant results and with the 100% live feed through the player in the top tier of this bloig. We will continue to upload edited videos of the early rounds as bwe go along.

We also wish to point out again the following:

You are able to comment on all posts and even on the live stream without having to register first. While we have a huge audience following this blog around the world, we hardly have any comments coming in at all. In terms of your comments, you will only need to respect the no-profanity, no-insult and no-abusive language policy. Other than that, we would be glad to hear from you!