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The Panel

Here you have the panel of Adjudicators for tomorrow's World Standard. Nine experts lined up around the floor and working under the watchful eye of Wolfgang Eliasch, the chairman!

Eliasch, Wolfgang

AUT · Chairman

Doucet, Alain

CAN · Adjudicator

Wu, Charles

HKG · Adjudicator

Janjic, Rade

CRO · Adjudicator

Geerts, Karina

BEL · Adjudicator

Gebert, Marcel

CZE · Adjudicator

Goetz, Hermann

AUT · Adjudicator

Vardja, Ave

EST · Adjudicator

Venables, Frank

GBR · Adjudicator

Solomatina, Irina

RUS · Adjudicator