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2011 World Standard

More Viennese Waltz 30/10/2011

What made this 2011 World Standard final so compelling was the parity between all six couples. Even in the semi-final, the general level of performance was such that many watching on were hard pressed to narrow the field down to six. Here are the Viennese Waltzes by the finalists who didn't make the podium. 


ubrmhaw98gU|Konovaltsev - Konovaltseva, RUS


Rxn_UHqreHY|Kosaty - Glazik, POL
Xo--ELfQ5AA|Zharkov - Kulikova, RUS

The Final: Viennese Waltz 30/10/2011

The six finalists dance the group Viennese Waltz in the 2011 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Standard in Moscow, RUS.


mwokuSogdL8|Viennese Waltz


"When I grow up, what will I be ...?"

Here are the three medallists with their interpretations of Doris Day's "Que sera, sera ..." in the solos.

World Champions! All Three!

Pck4jLCxE8U|Valeri - Kehlet, DEN
jWOpas6MA88|Ferruggia - Koehler, GER
5XX8407swHQ|Segatori - Sudol, GER

Emanuel and Tania: V and K stand for ... 30/10/2011

Tania Kehlet and Emanuel Valeri, DEN © Roland

... V i K tory!

The new World Champions in Standard lived through some very emotional moments in Moscow, RUS. Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet, DEN, won their title in a sporting competition that had all the proper ingredients: the surprise, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat ... Many say it was one of the best World Championships ever!


qVuU-pyqWCw|V and K for ViKtory

Kosaty - Glazik, POL, Round 2 30/10/2011

Kosaty Marek - Glazik Paulina, POL, dance Round 2 of the 2011 Woprld Standard in Moscow, RUS.


2011 World Stndard: Zharkov - Kulikova, RUS, Round 2 30/10/2011

Zharkov Dmitry - Kulikova Olga, RUS, dance the first round of the 2011 World Standard in Moscow, RUS.


The Plan: Leave It For Tomorrow 29/10/2011

2011 World Standard Moscow © Roland The WDSF Communications team has once more a massive backlog of edited clips that will need to be uploaded to the blog in the next hours and days.

Throughout today, all emphasis was put on the live stream coming out of the Crocus Expo, the exhibition and convention centre here in Moscow. That left very limited resources and bandwith for the uploading of clips. We'll continue with that tomorrow morning.

We have a few other things planned for tomorrow as well and we call it a night. We hope you have enjoyed it. Thanks for following! Return tomorrow!

2011 World Standard: Todaro - Yaneva, BUL 29/10/2011

Todaro Salvatore - Yaneva Violeta, BUL, dance the first round in the 2011 World Standard in Moscow.


Round 2: Galuppo - Pacini, ITA 29/10/2011

Galuppo Francesco - Pacini Debora, ITA, dance round 2 of the 2011 World Standard in Moscow.




Final Results 29/10/2011

2011 World Standard Moscow © Roland Who said that there are hardly ever real surprises in DanceSport. Well, we have just had one today. Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Koehler, GER, fell short of their ambitious goal to win the World Champion title for the third consecutive time. After the final tally of the marks, the runners-up in the 2010 edition of the World Standard came in first this time around.

Some people here in Moscow say that it was one of the tightest competitions ever. The experts felt that they would have had a very hard time to make the call, that they saw two opposing styles clash on the parquet, and that they are in agreement with the verdict of the panel of Adjudicators.

Since many more experts will likely comment over the coming days, WDSF Communications limits itself to simply publish the final standings of the Top Six!


1. 74 Emanuel Valeri / Tania Kehlet  Denmark 
2. 27 Benedetto Ferruggia / Claudia Koehler  Germany 
3. 64 Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol  Germany 
4. 39 Sergei Konovaltsev / Olga Konovaltseva  Russian Federation 
5. 40 Marek Kosaty / Paulina Glazik  Poland 
6. 80 Dmitry Zharkov / Olga Kulikova  Russian Federation

Placings 7 Through 12 29/10/2011



Moshenin Evgeny


Favero Genny




Todaro Salvatore


Yaneva Violeta




Galuppo Francesco


Pacini Debora




Sodeika Evaldas


Zukauskaite Ieva




Bitsch Bjorn


Williamson Ashli




Sadecki Andrzej


Nawrot Karina


And The Finalists Are ... 29/10/2011

We will have us a repeat of last year's final in the World Standard. As in Wetzlar, there is double representation of Germany and Russia plus one couple each from Poland and Denmark. 


Ferruggia Benedetto


Koehler Claudia



Konovaltsev Sergei


Konovaltseva Olga

Russian Federation


Kosaty Marek


Glazik Paulina



Segatori Simone


Sudol Annette



Valeri Emanuel


Kehlet Tania



Zharkov Dmitry


Kulikova Olga

Russian Federation

The Final starts in twenty minutes at 20:30 CEST!

Round 2: Hirvonen - Hirvonen, FIN 29/10/2011

Hirvonen Markus and Hirvonen Mariia, FIN, dance the second round of the World Standard in Moscow, RUS.