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Back At CEZ Arena

Speed Test Just checked the DSL line that we have at CEZ Arena again. Not a blistering speed we're getting today, but it should be good enough for a reasonable quality live stream to come out of the Arena from 13:15, the exact time we will switch to live mode again for the competion through the semi-final of the Grand Slam Latin.

If you are living in the Czech Republic or in a  neighbouring country, you should watch the competition on public Czech TV, on their sports channel 4, from 13:30 to 14:45 and from 16:30 to 17:45. Guaranteed that their output will be superior to ours. Multi-camera, cranes, travelling, the works! If they would provide us with their signal here (simple BNC cable will do), we could show it to the world. I guess this is something WDSF will need to address for the future. If there is a national broadcast of an important WDSF event, provide a signal to WDSF ... The world governing body and rights holder will gladly give it global exposure and the broadcaster all the credit. Food for thought!