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Saturday Night Live

Under the established brand "Galashow s latinou" and for the fourth consecutive year, the Ostrava organisers will present a live TV programme jointly with the public Czech Television from the venue of the 2011 WDSF World Youth Latin on Saturday. The world's top ranked Latin couples dance in an informal competition where the audience in front of the TV sets will vote by SMS for whom they believe should be declared the evening's winners ... The programme will air from 20:00 h CEST!



The organisers around Frantisek Davidek and Petr Odstrcil, in collaboration with producers and directors at Czech Television, have developed and refined a formula that ensures DanceSport a prominent primetime slot. Taking advantage of the presence of DanceSport's international elite at the CEZ Arena, they stage a gala/competition that perfectly meets the requirements of a broadcaster.

While our priority is the World Youth Latin, we will try to provide a few impressions of the "Galashow s latinou" as well. Provided that the rights situation will allow for us to do so.