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The Plan For Tomorrow

WDSF Grand Slam Latin Ostrava We will start uploading individual clips of the World Youth Latin in full HD quality starting tmorrow morning from about 10 :00 CEST. We will post them here after they're on DanceSport Total, the WDSF YouTube channel through 13:00 and the switch blogs. The 2011 WDSF Grand Slam Latin Ostrava will be the focus of our attention from 13:15, with a first live stream of the semi-final here scheduled at 13:15.


The final of the Grand Slam Latin will be live from 16:25 to 17:50. The adjudicating will be done with the new WDSF Judging System: all dances as solo, scored for the five Programme Components. Well worth watching!

We should also get results and videos in from the Grand Slam Standard in St Petersburg.

Things can only get better tomorrow, and specifically the quality of the live streams should improve even further as bandwith and other problems are now sorted out. In any case, we have an unprecedented wealth of footage on the spectacular World Youth Latin of today. It may take us some time, but we will upload nearly all of it over the coming days.

Live from Ostrava!!!

Good night from Ostrava!