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Getting Serious

dk4 Even prior to the quarterfinal, things are turning very serious in the Valby Hall. The host broadcaster of tonight, dk4, is getting the commentators ready for the semi-final and final, both of which dk4 will produce very high-end with multiple cameras.

dk4 already provided our WDSF Communications team on site with a signal off its broadcasting truck. For the time being its the colour bars! In a short while, we will also run a first test and stream some bars through our YouTube channel DanceSport Total.


Let us remind you once more of the schedule for the webcast! It is still subject to some fine-tuning but should not vary by more than +/- 10 minutes from the times indicated below.

YouTube Live

Grand Slam Live Schedule

22:15 - 22:35        Semi-Final

23:00 - 24:00     Final