2015 GrandSlam Wuhan

2015 GrandSlam Wuhan MAGAZINE 17/04/2015

Helsinki, FIN - 7 March 2015 Here is the second of the publications that WDSF Communications produces prior to the GrandSlam legs this year. The eight pages get inserted into the official event programme that will be distributed at the Optics Valley Gymnasium in Wuhan, CHN, on 25 and 26 April.

It's a brief look back at the first leg danced in Helsinki, FIN, on 7 and 8 March - plus a few tidbits of information on what to expect from Wuhan, a host city that seems to thrive on DanceSport! 

The Press Conference 17/04/2015

The press conference for the 2015 GrandSlam Wuhan was held on 16 April at the Royal Grace Hotel that is located close to the new venue, the Optics Valley Gymnasium, and where most of the participants will stay.

Among the dignitaries present were the President of the Chinese DanceSport Federation Zhang Yi, the Deputy General Secretary of the Wuhan Municipal Government Zhou Yuan and representatives of several national and local sports authorities.

Reference was made to the total number of entries in the two GrandSlam competitions taking place on 25 and 26 April. It stands at 147 couples, 57 of which will come from abroad - among them those in the top ten of both World Rankings.

Also singled out at the conference were the volunteers. In 2014, they put their lasting marks on the GrandSlam Wuhan as its "unsung heroes" - click here! This year they come from the Huazhong University of Science. With the symbolic unfolding of a special flag, they committed to provide the dancers once more with a perfect setting at and around the event.

Wuhan Revisited 17/04/2015

2015 GrandSlam WuhanLast year's GrandSlam in Wuhan was a highly successful premiere. The city had taken over the hosting privileges from the capital Beijing a few months earlier and staged the event at the beginning of September in the Wuhan Sports Centre Gymnasium.

Even if the month and the venue will be different for this year's edition, the participants can expect the same outstanding organisation and the exceptional public that appears more appreciative of DanceSport than anywhere else in China.

WDSF will report extensively on the event through this website, on facebook, twitter and YouTube, and, last but not least, through Vimeo on Demand.

To get you ready for the 2015 edition at one week out, here are two short videos of the 2014 GrandSlam Wuhan!




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