Another Freebie on VIMEO 21 September 2015 11:28

Chengdu, CHN - 6 September © Roland

It was watched close to 5,000 times since last Friday: 2015 World Showdance LAT | The Final Reel

Below is the trailer for the one-hour programme covering the final of the 2015 World Showdance Latin that was held in Chengdu, CHN, on 6 September. 

The Final Reel is available at no charge exclusively through VMEO! JOIN VIMEO yourself (it's free of charge) and subscribe to WDSF on the platform!

oWdU7GODKyU|2015 World Showdance LAT | The Trailer

Today's Release | 2015 World Show STD | The Final Reel 11 September 2015 11:35

2015 World Show STD © Roland

This is a première! We have decided to release the one-hour Final Reel of the 2015 World Showdance Standard exclusively through VIMEO. At no charge, but through VIMEO nevertheless.

We hope you will enjoy this great production and conclude that watching on VIMEO is quite different from the YouTube experience ... We recommend that you give the "Couch Mode" a try and that you join VIMEO yourself. It's completely free too!

Then we would also appreciate if you would subscribe to DanceSport Total Plus - that's us on VIMEO - and return regularly to see what's new.

Here is the link to the FINAL REEL ... And below is a trailer for you to take a first look!

uqSDqFuTUpQ|2015 World Showdance STD | The Trailer

Today's Release | The 2015 World Ten Dance 10 September 2015 13:06

Chengdu, CHN - 5 September © Roland

The 2015 WDSF World DanceSport Championship Ten Dance held on 5 September at the Feilong Gymnasium in in Dujiangya near Chengdu, CHN, is history.

You have been able to follow the championship in nearly real-time through this blog and more than 50 videos that were published here and on DanceSport Total. These videos covered the first two rounds of dancing in both sections.

Now you can watch the semi-final and final in Standard and Latin in their full length through a 125-minute Vimeo on Demand programme. It includes interviews with the protagonists and backstage coverage as well. It gets released ahead of schedule, at around 20:00 UTC/GMT today. Rental is US$ 2.95 for a 90-day streaming period. Watch the trailer below.

Get it at

Mjp71dE6ysQ|2015 World Ten Dance


Tom and Jerry ... And All Others 09 September 2015 06:22

Chengdu, CHN - 6 September © Roland

Here is one of the World Showdance Latin performances that had everybody in Chengdu, CHN, raving about the quality of this year's shows. Huang Sida and Tian Yuan, CHN, failed to make the final narrowly but entertained everybody at the Feilong Gymnasium with their "Tom & Jerry."

The performances by the couples ranked ninth to fifteenth that Ferran Castanyer recorded on Sunday are uploaded to the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total. They get added to the blog's video gallery later.

With the footage that the host broadcaster produced of the World Latin final WDSF Communications will produce a full-length programme that will be made available FOR FREE through VIMEO. The same applies to the World Showdance Standard output.

wRaYs1lPctI|ITV w. Sida - Yuan, CHN | 2015 World Showdance LAT
15_Acr1CsQY|Sida - Yuan, CHN | 2015 World Show LAT

Starting To Wrap This Up 09 September 2015 05:54

Chengdu, CHN - 5 September © Roland

After returning from China, the members of the WDSF Communications team went right back to work and started to get the rest of the coverage they produced on the altogether three World Championships ready for a timely release.

Some 20 clips covering the preliminary rounds of the World Ten Dance and Showdance have already been uploaded to the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total by Ferran Castanyer. They will get added to this blog later today.

Pedro Toro is editing the Vimeo on Demand programme that covers the Latin and Standard semi-finals and finals of the 2015 World Ten Dance. It will be available for rental (US$ 2.95 for 90-day streaming period) from Friday 11 September.

Helmut Roland has made his final selections of photographs taken during the the World Championships Showdance. They will get added to the "Live from Chengdu" gallery in instalments over the next two weeks.

Roman's Touch 07 September 2015 01:36

Chengdu, CHN - 6 September © Roland

"Roman's Touch" turned out to have much in common with the one of King Midas as Roman Ciflicli and Gliga Mirona, ROU, won the gold at the 2015 World Showdance Latin. Eight couples contested the final last night and all of them delighted the audience not only with great dancing but also with the strong narratives of their shows.

Second place went to Simone Casula and Laura Marras, ITA, who were "Smiling With Charlie" as they brought one of the greatest in cineastic history back to life. Fedor Poliansky and Dina Akhmetgareeva, RUS, presented an outstanding show dedicated to "Crazy Salvador Dali" this year, claiming third over an inspired "Zombie" by Lukas Bartunek - Katarina Hrstkova, CZE.

The members of the WDSF Communications team are heading for home and leave you with a considerable amount of great imagery from the three World Championships held here in Chengdu already. However, much more is still to get added over the course of this week. Come back to the blog frequently!


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