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Get Well, Tommy!

Tommy Shaughnessy © Roland

As many who were in Stuttgart on 13 August, the day following the 2017 German Open Championships, probably know, the WDSF Sports Director, our colleague Tommy Shaughnessy, had to be taken to a hospital and submitted to emergency treatment there. The matter was serious and the luck of the Irish was certainly put to a test, but the fact that Dr Tim Rausche, the Vice-President of DanceSport Germany, and an ambulance crew were able to administer first aid right away helped to keep Tommy safe at all times.

Only a few hours after having been admitted and treated, he was back to being his usual self: as witty as ever! Now, four days later, he is getting ready to be discharged from the hospital and to fly back to Dublin. Both things are likely to happen on Friday 18 July.

He will, however, require more time to fully restore his health. And to do so, he will be taking a leave from his duties as Sports Director. This leave is of undetermined length. The WDSF General Secretary Nenad Jeftic temporarily assumes the role of Sports Director. He will be assisted by the WDSF First Vice-President for Sport, Shawn Tay.

WDSF kindly asks the DanceSport community at large to contact either Nenad or Shawn in all sporting matters - and to allow for Tommy to continue on his way to complete recovery.

Don't you worry, he will be back before you know it! Check his Facebook!