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A Premiere

ON AIR DanceSport Total, the IDSF YouTube channel, will carry the semi-final and final of the 2011 IDSF World Junior Ten Dance in Sant Cugat LIVE as streaming video. IDSF Communications switches now from the current mode of covering the action on the floor to a TRUE LIVE signal starting at at 17:30 h CEST (GMT +2 hours).

Unfortunately, as we switch, we will not be able to provide you any footage on the quarterfinals Standard and Latin until later.

Once the broadcast hast started, we will embed a player with the live signal on this blog as well. You'll be able to watch either here or on YouTube! This is a first - and as all firsts go, there is a chance for mishaps occurring at any time throughout the broadcast. In such case we will have everything recorded as well and upload after completion of semi-final or final.