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Besos y Lagrimas | Kiss and Cry

Kiss & Cry A "Kiss & Cry" zone has been used in GrandSlam finals ever since the beginning of the year. In this zone, the finalist couples await their scores after each of the solo dances and - that's at least the idea - react to them. The concept is certainly not new and has been an important facet of the TV coverage on many other artistic sports (figure skating, gymnastics, etc.).

DanceSport athletes still seem to be struggling a little when it comes to making a convincing on-screen appearance ... But things are definitely getting better with every competition where "K&C" is used.

After a rather sluggish start with natural reactions on the part of couples in the Latin competition on 27 July, the Standard couples were given some basic instructions in writing. The script read as follows.

Standard Couples at Kiss & Cry

After you finish your solo dances, you do what you usually do in terms of references to the public (definitely not longer than 10”), afterwards you proceed immediately to the floor exit where you will be expected and taken to the K&C

You set up in front of the screen where you will see the final portion of the replay of your dance … At one point, you will see yourself on this screen – and shortly afterwards you will see the scores appear. Once that happens, try to act naturally but do show some type of a reaction … A kiss, a wave, thumbs up, whatever … Try to think of the TV audience: do something that would make the people remember you. Stay in the K&C zone for 15” … Then turn and walk away slowly.

This K&C not only shows the human face of DanceSport, it also helps to promote you.