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Developments ... None!

No Floor Well, that's not entirely true. Many more tickets were sold for the two days of DanceSport at the Cañaveralejo bullring on 27 and 28 July. But what the ticket holders will get to see in just over 48 hours from now, we're not 100% sure yet.

The photograph to the left depicts what the arena looked like today, 25 July, at 16:00 Cali time. Yes, there was work done over the night: the flawed floor was removed. And there is further development: a truck departed Bogota earlier this afternoon loaded with a new floor. It is expected to arrive here during the night. It takes 13 hours from Bogota to Cali! And tomorrow, 26 July, at 07:00 the Orgsanising Committee staff, or a company contracted by CLOC, should start to set it up. Completion is scheduled for late afternoon tomorrow.

The picture below shows a man in the center of the ring who looks even more worried than a torero waiting for the bull to come out at him. Reminder: WDSF does not endorse bullfighting in any way, but it is still optimistic that a Plaza de Toros could turn out to be one of the best venues ever for DanceSport.

WDSF Sports Director Marco Sietas