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It's One Letter ...

Don't Spoil The Party! For Heaven's sake, it's one missing letter - no more, no less! The national media in Colombia - and above all two private TV channels - seem to make a bigger deal than is called for over the misspelled "World" on the medals of The World Games.

"Errare humanum est,"
which would probably translate into a more contemporary and colloquial "s..t happens," serves as an acceptable excuse.

But some of the media appear intent to narrow their coverage on The World Games 2013 down to the mishap. For three days already. Come to think of it, nobody noticed the error any earlier than Sunday - even though quite a few medals were awarded on Friday and Saturday too.

Well, the TV channels' persistence seemed to have triggered another "s..tstorm" (very contemporary lingo) among the Cali and Cauca Valley residents. They're now calling for a boycott of Caracol and RCN TV, two major national channels ... Under the motto "Cali residents enjoy, the rest complains - one letter will never spoil our party!," they campaign for more spelling tolerance! And for tuning out of Caracol and RCN!

Tune out!