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Last Night In Review

Plaza de Toros Cali - 27 July © Roland The WDSF Communications team has uploaded some fifty spectacular photographs from last night's Latin and Salsa events to the Gallery.

Dr Helmut Roland was able to capture the unique atmosphere that was created when inspired dancers encountered the appreciation of true dance lovers in a setting unlike any other used for DanceSport before.

The international DanceSport feed (95 minutes) produced by the World Games Host Broadcaster is also available as a stream for viewing from those countries where no rights have been sold. Where rights have been sold by the IWGA partner UFA Sports, the stream is blocked and you have to consult programme guides as to when and where the Latin - Salsa event will air.

We do apologise for the poor audio quality of the stream! We sincerely hope that the sound will be better in tonight's broadcast. Access the stream here!

Plaza de Toros Cali - 27 July © Roland Plaza de Toros Cali - 27 July © Roland