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Cali, COL - 28 July © Roland The WDSF Communications team in Cali has tried its best to share some of the truly unforgettable moments that The World Games offered to the WDSF contingent of athletes and officials with you, the followers of this blog.

It was not easy to provide you with the usual depth and scope in our reporting as WDSF, like all the other IWGA Member Federations, does not hold any rights to the moving images of The World Games. But the hosts have ensured quality streams on both days of the competition, and communications team member Dr Helmut Roland has recorded what was allowed. Atmosphere, interviews, etc.

With this collection of interviews recorded prior to the competitions the "Live from Cali, COL" coverage on The World Games 2013 is about to conclude ...

Many considered it to be the time of their lives, the most unforgettable experience of their sporting careers ... And that was before the DanceSport competitions of The World Games 2013 got underway at the Cali bullfighting ring. A selection of interviews with athletes competing in Cali on the evening before two nights that lived up to everyone's highest expectations.

SFafFSDThoI|The World Games 2013 Cali | Athletes' Interviews