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Not Quite Level

Inspection A short inspection visit to the Cali bullring results in what will be a long night for some.

WDSF Sports Director Marco Sietas turned his thumb down, signalling that the temporary dance floor which had been put will need to be taken out and put it in again once the foundation has been improved.

As of this evening, 24 July at 19:00 Cali time, dancing at the Cañaveralejo bullring would not be possible due to the fact that the floor, which a local crew put in over the past 24 hours, does not meet the standards required. In a crisis meeting between WDSF representatives and the Cali Local Organising Committee it was resolved that more adjustments, primarily to the foundation, would need to be made within the next 24 hours. But there is good news too: more than 80% of the tickets for the DanceSport events Saturday and Sunday have already been sold!

Inspection Inspection