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Thank God!

Adriana Ávila - Jefferson Benjumea, COL © COC The young Colombian dancers Adriana Ávila (15) and Jéfferson Benjumea (17) were crowned "Athletes of the Day" at The World Games 2013 Cali. The winners of the Salsa gold on 28 July not only brought down the house - or  more specifically the Cañaveralejo bullring - on Sunday, they triggered a veritable media frenzy that could perdure for quite some time to come.

As the "Athletes of the Day" they were interviewed by the Cali Local Organising Committee. Adriana and Jéfferson made one thing very clear, besides their trainers and coaches there was another, a divine, entity that intervened to get them to the highest echelon on the podium.

l6ingo1X2m8|TWG Cali 2013 - Athletes of the Day July 29