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The Anecdote

World Games Medal The medallists at The World Games 2013 will soon receive a second medal - by post or courier service. As it turns out, the medals awarded at the ceremonies do have a serious flaw. Reading the engraved text on one side - "The Word Games" - one wonders whether it makes reference to a spelling bee contest or an event for users of the Microsoft software of the same name. But it hardly implies an international sporting event of considerable stature.

It's an anecdote that the two winners of the Salsa gold, Adriana Ávila and Jéfferson Benjumea, tried to put into perspective. "Actually, for us they wouldn't have to change the medal at all," Jéfferson said. "What we have is the medal we were fighting for, the one that we were awarded in front of 16,000 people in an unforgettable night at the bullring."

"This is the medal we won dancing for Colombia, it has our tears and the endearment of the public on it already," is how his partner Adriana sees it.

Ron Froehlich, the President of the International World Games Association, sees the matter differently. "These athletes have worked hard over four years to get their medals, proper spelling is the least they can expect," he said.

1022 new medals will get shipped throughout the world!