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The Opening Ceremony

Señal Colombia In just over two hours, at exactly 20:00 h Cali time (UTC/GMT - 5 hours), the Opening Ceremony of The World Games 2013 will start at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium. The tickets have long been sold out and a 35,000 capacity crowd will have a chance to take it all in from the stands.

You, too, regardless of where in the world you are, will also have the chance to take a front row seat and watch the  opening through a live stream offered by Señal Colombia, the official channel of The World Games 2013.

To get to the LIVE PLAYER with the Señal Colombia webcast use the link below!

Señal Colombia and Señal Deportes are channels that are owned and operated by Colombian public broadcaster RTVC. 

Vw2A95CERWw|Señal Deportes