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Who's Dancing for ... AUT

Zufar Zaripov - Anna Ludwig © Roland Well, nobody from Austria will be dancing the Viennese Waltz at the bullfighting ring in Cali, COL. Certainly a disappointment for some top Standard dancers that the Austrian DanceSport Federation chose to send couples in Latin and Salsa only. Maybe it is because of the passport requirement ...

The Latin couple will be Zufar Zaripov - Anna Ludwig who, so we are told, are seriously thinking about turning porfessional in the very near future. In any case, they haven't entered any WDSF PD or regular competitions so far this year. After narrowly failing to make the final at the World Latin late last year in Vienna, Zufar and Anna have put the emphasis on training again. In fact, The World Games will be their first competition in 2013.

Austrian Champions in Latin for many years, Zufar and Anna will certainly be highly motivated as they confront some of the same couples they went up against in Vienna last November.

Here are the two in a promotional vide for the 2012 World Latin in their hometown!


Zufar and Anna are joined by a Salsa couple and two Austrian adjudicators in the red-white-red World Games delegation. Thomas Kurz and Olivia Birsak are the Salsa dancers, Klaus and Marion Hoellbacher the "official referees" (as they are called in the Accreditation System lingo).