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We have been falling behind on this ... Mostly due to other - and very urgent - matters that took up all our time over the past two days. Wil Orrock had forwarded a short write-up on himself and Paulina Navarro a while back.

Paulina Navarro - William Orrock, CHIRepresentado Chile - Paulina Navarro y William Orrock es una de las parejas más destacadas en la historia de Baile Deportivo en Chile. Paulina ha bailado ritmos Latinos tales como Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, entre otros por más de 10 años. William es bailarín profesional con una trayectoria de más de 12 años que incluye Ballet, Tap, Salsa, Ballroom estilo americano. Ambos comenzaron a bailar en el año 2008, y desde ese entonces Paulina y Wiliam han desarrollado el Ballroom modalidad latino, asesorados por uno de los entrenadores más destacado de Europa Joan Cayuela. Han viajado por Sudamérica logrando participaciones destacadas y adquiriendo experiencia y perfeccionamiento en su técnica. En el 2012 lograron primer lugar nacional y por eso fueron los elegido para representar Chile en los World Games, Cali 2013.

Wil followed up with a reminder and a translation.

Please post! This country has an opportunity to show the people that were here and we exist. Thanks for your time!

Representing Chile, Paulina Navarro and William Orrock have stood out and changed the history of DanceSport in Chile. Paulina has danced Latin rhythms such as: salsa, bachata, merengue and various other styles for more than 10 years. William Orrock is a professional dancer who has a trajectory of more than 12 years of dancing which includes ballet, tap, salsa, bachata, American style ballroom and many more. They both started to dance together in 2008 and since then William and Paulina have developed their own style and trained by one of European finest Joan Cayuela. They have traveled throughout South America participating in major dance competitions and gaining experience and perfecting their technique. En 2012 they worked hard to become the national champions and because of this they will be representing Chile in The World Games, Cali 2013. 

Team ChileFuentes Vergara Leonardo Andrés & Díaz Muñoz Viviana Paola in Latin plus Ramírez Grajales Javier Alejandro & Navarrete Riderelli Valeria Almendra in Salsa are the other members of Chile's DanceSport team here in Cali. Some of them came out to the arena yesterday to train on the floor!



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