The World Games 2017 | D-7 20 July 2017 13:01

Wroclaw Stadium

The Opening Ceremony of The World Games 2017 is only hours away. And with seven days to go until the DanceSport athletes and officials go into action next Thursday, WDSF circulates a second Bulletin with in-depth information. 

The rehearsal of the World Games 2017 Opening Ceremony was held last night, the real thing is happening at the Wroclaw Stadium from 19:00 CEST today. Everything in and around the host city of this tenth edition of The World Games looks (and feels) ready.

To ensure that very close to 200 members of the DanceSport contingent taking part in these multi-sport are ready, too, next Thursday, 27 July, WDSF circulates Bulletin #2.

2017 TWG Wroclaw | DanceSport Bulletin #2

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The World Games 2017 | D-30 20 July 2017 12:56

Wroclaw OC and the WDSF CM

With 30 days to go until the start of The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, POL, WDSF follows up on preliminary information sent to its +/- 190 accredited participants in letter by Michael Eichert, the Competition Manager (CM) for the DanceSport events.

Michael has since transferred his duties to Antoni Czyzyk, POL, who has assumed the position as CM in a meeting with the World Games organisers in Wroclaw on 19 June.

WDSF would like to thank Michael for doing the lion’s share of the preparatory work and for ensuring a perfect handover to the new CM. WDSF welcomes Antoni, who takes on the assignment after having worked on the Organising Committee’s side with Michael and even with Michael’s predecessor virtually from day one.

At the mark of 30 days to go until the Opening Ceremony, the organisers of The World Games and a delegation around the new Competition Manager met at the Centennial Hall yesterday to finalise the few things left by Michael. Immediately following the meeting, the first of two bulletins gets released to the almost 200 athletes and officials making up the WDSF contingent to the games.

TWG 2017 Wroclaw DanceSport Bulletin I

Please take not that as of today, 20 June 2017, the registration for TWG is closed. Only in the case of injury or other reasons of force majeure could an athlete or an official not currently part of the WDSF contingent be registered as a substitute.


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