Claudio Masi - Roberta Borgogni

General information
Man Claudio Masi   (10051831)
Woman Roberta Borgogni   (10051832)
Dancing for Italy
Joined on 01 January 2010
Current age group Senior II
Current status Active
Division General
Excused10 May 2014OpenStandardSenior IIRimini - Italy
15.7210 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IBassano del Grappa - Italy
60.1414 August 2012OpenStandardSenior IStuttgart - Germany
7.4015 October 2011OpenStandardSenior IAncona - Italy
73.1316 August 2011OpenStandardSenior IStuttgart - Germany
19.4604 June 2011OpenStandardSenior IRimini - Italy
Claudio Masi Roberta Borgogni
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Country of originITALY
I mainly live inFLORENCE