Gilbert van den Andel - Anke Kapitein

General information

Gilbert van den Andel   (10063132)
Anke Kapitein   (10063133)
Danced for
Joined on
01 January 2011
Current age group
Senior I
Current status

78. in Senior I - Standard with 758 points

834. in Adult - Standard with 89 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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The WorldRanking is calculated once per day and includes only confirmed results.

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10.15025 February 2017OpenStandardSenior IDalfsen - Netherlands
59.3412 February 2017World OpenStandardAdultAntwerp - Belgium
31.10811 February 2017OpenStandardSenior IAntwerp - Belgium
16.2326 November 2016OpenStandardAdultNoordhoek - Netherlands
7.15226 November 2016OpenStandardSenior INoordhoek - Netherlands
21.9620 November 2016OpenStandardSenior IVienna - Austria
10.13012 November 2016OpenStandardSenior IParis - France
12.11009 October 2016OpenStandardSenior IBoston - United States
47.8808 October 2016World ChampionshipStandardSenior IBoston - United States
14.10818 September 2016OpenStandardSenior IBertrange - Luxembourg
34.3218 September 2016International OpenStandardAdultBertrange - Luxembourg
Excused13 October 2013World OpenStandardAdultMons - Belgium
Excused06 October 2013World OpenStandardAdultSteenwijk - Netherlands
25.6029 September 2013World OpenStandardAdultMersch - Luxembourg
13.2520 July 2013OpenStandardAdultZevenbergen - Netherlands
95.3306 July 2013World OpenStandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
Excused27 April 2013International OpenStandardAdultZevenbergen - Netherlands
Excused23 February 2013World OpenStandardAdultTilburg - Netherlands
Excused02 February 2013International OpenStandardAdultAntwerp - Belgium
50.1407 October 2012International OpenStandardAdultArnhem - Netherlands
29.2928 April 2012International OpenStandardAdultZevenbergen - Netherlands
67.1216 October 2011International OpenStandardAdultArnhem - Netherlands
35.3423 July 2011International OpenStandardAdultZevenbergen - Netherlands