Jaakko Saaristo - Anne Haataja

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Jaakko Saaristo   (10043212)
Anne Haataja   (10062496)
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26 July 2017
Current age group
Current status

355. in Adult - Standard with 300 points


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About these rankings

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52.3617 December 2017World OpenStandardAdultRiga - Latvia
52.1017 December 2017OpenLatinYouthRiga - Latvia
31.6116 December 2017OpenStandardYouthRiga - Latvia
7.15412 November 2017International OpenStandardAdultParis - France
Excused12 November 2017International OpenLatinAdultParis - France
Excused12 November 2017OpenLatinYouthParis - France
36.3808 October 2017International OpenStandardAdultVigevano - Italy
44.7219 August 2017World OpenStandardAdultTallinn - Estonia
16.9419 August 2017OpenStandardYouthTallinn - Estonia


Jaakko Anne
Profile picture of Jaakko
Country of originFinland
I mainly live inFinland
Marital statussingle
Hobbiesskateboarding, downhillskiing, airsofting, dancing and football
Preferred dancesfoxtrot and samba
Personal strengthsfoxtrot
Main trainersMerje Styf, Luca Rossignoli, Matti Heikkilä, Sanna-Maria Heikkilä (ballroom), Mikko Kaasalainen, Adrienn Fitori and Sergey Beliajev (latin)

That's Him!

Up Close!

How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

I started dancing because my brother and sister were dancing. I was 6 years old (2004).

What are the fascinations that keep you in Dancesport?

Victories, loses, Paolo Bosco :D

What are your aims in Dancesport?

WC victory.

Do you have time to meet friends outside of DanceSport?

Yes I have.

What would you do if you had an unexpected day off?

I would rest and be with my friends.

Do you have talents other than dancing that nobody knows about - yet?

Airsofting and skating

What genre of movie could motivate to go to the cinema?

Action- and humour movies.

Imagine you are on a deserted island!
What are the three things that you cannot imagine to be without, that you wish you had brought along?

Music, friends and a surviving kit :D

What are you most proud of in your sporting career or life?

Our best results (in dancing).

What dream would you like most to come true one day?

That i would win the WC.

What are you looking at first when you meet a stranger?

Face and clothes.

How do you cope with stress and bad moods?

I will just be cool.

What is your motto in life?

Work hard play hard