Jacob Klop - Yvonne Klop

General information

Jacob Klop   (10072731)
Yvonne Klop   (10072732)
Dancing for
Joined on
02 February 2013
Current age group
Senior III
Current status

673. in Senior II - Standard with 20 points

793. in Senior III - Standard with 8 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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88.1222 November 2015OpenStandardSenior IIVienna - Austria
Excused20 November 2015OpenStandardSenior IIIVienna - Austria
69.808 November 2015OpenStandardSenior IIIDresden - Germany
80.808 November 2015OpenStandardSenior IIDresden - Germany
32.2007 December 2014International OpenStandardAdultMelbourne - Australia
189.505 July 2014OpenStandardSenior IIWuppertal - Germany
102.404 July 2014OpenStandardSenior IIIWuppertal - Germany
25.5022 June 2014OpenStandardSenior IIISan Marino - San Marino
Excused22 June 2014OpenStandardSenior IISan Marino - San Marino
57.721 June 2014OpenStandardSenior IIISan Marino - San Marino
52.821 June 2014OpenStandardSenior IISan Marino - San Marino
66.1015 June 2014OpenStandardSenior IIIMadrid - Spain
132.514 June 2014World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIMadrid - Spain
45.4710 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IIBassano del Grappa - Italy
53.1009 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IIIBassano del Grappa - Italy
83.1102 February 2013OpenStandardSenior IIAntwerp - Belgium
213.501 February 2013World ChampionshipStandardSenior IIIAntwerp - Belgium
27.6519 May 2012OpenStandardSenior IIILuxembourg - Luxembourg
21.6819 May 2012OpenStandardSenior IILuxembourg - Luxembourg


Jacob Yvonne
Country of originAustralia
I mainly live inAdelaide
Started dancing in2009
Profession or educationMaster of Environmental Management and Sustainability
Marital statusMaried
Main trainersRhett English