Jan Skoda - Julia Rezkova

General information

Man Jan Skoda   (10071979)
Woman Julia Rezkova   (10071980)
Dancing for Czech Republic
Joined on 23 June 2012
Retired on: 09 September 2014
Current age group Junior I
Current status Retired
Division General


Excused10 November 2013OpenLatinJunior IHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
6.09 November 2013OpenStandardJunior IHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
7.13 October 2013OpenStandardJunior IOstrava - Czech Republic
Excused15 September 2013OpenLatinJunior IPrague - Czech Republic
11.16 March 2013OpenStandardJunior IBrno - Czech Republic
11.15 March 2013OpenLatinJunior IBrno - Czech Republic
11.11 November 2012OpenStandardJunior IHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
10.11 November 2012OpenLatinJunior IHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
8.07 October 2012OpenLatinJunior IOstrava - Czech Republic
8.06 October 2012OpenStandardJunior IOstrava - Czech Republic
15.09 September 2012OpenLatinJunior IPrague - Czech Republic
10.25 June 2012OpenLatinJuvenileAlassio - Italy
14.24 June 2012OpenStandardJuvenileAlassio - Italy


Jan Julia
Profile picture of Jan
Country of originCzech Republic
I mainly live inPrague
Profession or educationstudent
Main trainersDvorak Martin, Silhanova Zuzana