Jenya Kushnarenko - Hanna Farber

General information
ManJenya Kushnarenko   (10016749)
WomanHanna Farber   (10042777)
Dancing forIsrael
Joined on 01 September 2009
Current age groupAdult
Current statusActive
Ranking 591. in Adult - Latin with 203 points.

About these rankings.

About these rankings

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14.12926 May 2013World OpenLatinAdultTbilisi - Georgia
37.7404 May 2013World OpenLatinAdultRiga - Latvia
53.06 April 2013European ChampionshipLatinAdultKrasnodar - Russian Federation
26.9623 March 2013World OpenLatinAdultPieve di Cento (Bologna) - Italy
9.17401 September 2012International OpenLatinAdultSrbac - Bosnia-Herzegovina
187.5016 August 2012GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
20.9508 April 2012International OpenLatinAdultLjubljana - Slovenia
37.3226 February 2012International OpenLatinAdultTilburg - Netherlands
15.25 February 2012OpenLatinRising StarsTilburg - Netherlands
17.4810 December 2011International OpenLatinAdultAshdod - Israel
62.05 November 2011International OpenLatinAdultPieve di Cento - Italy
27.3111 December 2010International OpenLatinAdultAshdod - Israel
27.3816 October 2010International OpenLatinAdultMons - Belgium
24.4309 October 2010International OpenLatinAdultArnhem - Netherlands
18.5112 December 2009International OpenLatinAdultAshdod - Israel
61.1612 September 2009International OpenLatinAdultPrague - Czech Republic