Jesper Rechendorff Pedersen - Kay-Yvonne Campe

General information
Man Jesper Rechendorff Pedersen   (10025992)
Woman Kay-Yvonne Campe   (10057825)
Dancing for Denmark
Joined on 10 November 2012
Current age group Adult
Current status Active
Division General
Ranking 353. in Adult - Standard with 263 points.

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About these rankings

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Registered07 February 2015International OpenStandardAdultSzigetszentmiklós (Budapest) - Hungary
No show29 November 2014International OpenStandardAdultMilan - Italy
64.3705 July 2014World OpenStandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
Excused04 July 2014OpenStandardRising StarsWuppertal - Germany
9.6024 May 2014OpenStandardAdultLausanne - Switzerland
Excused03 May 2014International OpenStandardAdultKlundert - Netherlands
No show26 April 2014OpenStandardAdultCalvià - Spain
35.3218 April 2014International OpenStandardAdultBerlin - Germany
18.5511 April 2014International OpenStandardAdultMikolajki - Poland
17.4505 April 2014International OpenStandardAdultAarhus - Denmark
No show22 February 2014World OpenStandardAdultTilburg - Netherlands
No show21 February 2014OpenStandardRising StarsTilburg - Netherlands
53.3402 February 2014World OpenStandardAdultAntwerp - Belgium
15.31 January 2014OpenStandardRising StarsAntwerp - Belgium
33.8410 November 2013World OpenStandardAdultParis - France
9.08 November 2013OpenStandardRising StarsParis - France
32.2929 September 2013International OpenStandardAdultJelenia Góra - Poland
79.3415 September 2013World OpenStandardAdultPrague - Czech Republic
216.5016 August 2013GrandSlamStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
4.8520 July 2013OpenStandardAdultZevenbergen - Netherlands
39.8206 July 2013World OpenStandardAdultWuppertal - Germany
30.05 July 2013OpenStandardRising StarsWuppertal - Germany
Excused23 February 2013World OpenStandardAdultTilburg - Netherlands
Excused22 February 2013OpenStandardRising StarsTilburg - Netherlands
60.3317 February 2013World OpenStandardAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
11.08 December 2012North European ChampionshipStandardAdultHelsingborg - Sweden
27.8411 November 2012World OpenStandardAdultParis - France
6.09 November 2012OpenStandardRising StarsParis - France