Krasimir Ganchev - Elena Kirova

General information

Man Krasimir Ganchev   (10057987)
Woman Elena Kirova   (10057988)
Dancing for Bulgaria
Joined on 01 January 2010
Current age group Senior I
Current status Active
Division General


62.3230 March 2014World OpenStandardAdultBucharest - Romania
5.8203 November 2013OpenStandardAdultYambol - Bulgaria
27.7005 October 2013World OpenStandardAdultBucharest - Romania
32.3401 September 2013International OpenStandardAdultBurgas - Bulgaria
12.8128 June 2013International OpenStandardAdultAlbena - Bulgaria
59.1631 March 2012International OpenStandardAdultBucharest - Romania
26.3705 June 2011International OpenStandardAdultBurgas - Bulgaria
27.1501 May 2011OpenStandardAdultRuse - Bulgaria
50.1416 April 2011International OpenStandardAdultBucharest - Romania
34.3204 July 2010International OpenStandardAdultAlbena - Bulgaria


Krasimir Elena
Profile picture of Krasimir
Country of originBulgaria
I mainly live inVarna
Profession or educationMaster of Arts
Marital statusSingle
Preferred dancesI love them all
Personal strengthsStrong will and desire for perfection
Main trainersAndrey Todorov, Zlatin Kostov
MoreFree will. It's like butterfly wings: once touched, they never get off the ground.

That's Him!

Krasimir Ganchev
... thirsty for life and hungry for distance ...