Marcello Nuzio - Anna Martynova

General information
Man Marcello Nuzio   (10009691)
Woman Anna Martynova   (10065810)
Dancing for Italy
Joined on 01 April 2011
Current age group Adult
Current status Active
Division General
Ranking 104. in Adult - Latin with 1321 points.

About these rankings.

About these rankings

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8.16914 June 2014International OpenLatinAdultKavarna - Bulgaria
3.26104 May 2014International OpenLatinAdultIzhevsk - Russian Federation
Excused06 April 2014OpenLatinRising StarsOlbia - Italy
8.22106 April 2014International OpenLatinAdultOlbia - Italy
7.30009 March 2014World OpenLatinAdultTokyo - Japan
37.7415 February 2014World OpenLatinAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
Excused01 February 2014World OpenLatinAdultAntwerp - Belgium
Excused04 January 2014International OpenLatinAdultCastenaso (Bologna) - Italy
10.16008 December 2013International OpenLatinAdultMoscow - Russian Federation
26.9101 December 2013World OpenLatinAdultRome - Italy
15.8522 November 2013International OpenLatinAdultSalsomaggiore Terme - Italy
26.8401 November 2013World OpenLatinAdultPlatja d'Aro - Spain
10.21028 September 2013World OpenLatinAdultLisbon - Portugal
186.5115 August 2013GrandSlamLatinAdultStuttgart - Germany
25.8218 May 2013World OpenLatinAdultLondon - England
25.8404 May 2013World OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
13.8507 April 2013International OpenLatinAdultOlbia (OT) - Italy
2.06 April 2013OpenLatinRising StarsOlbia (OT) - Italy
48.9731 March 2013GrandSlamLatinAdultCambrils - Spain
6.30 March 2013OpenLatinRising StarsCambrils - Spain
No show23 March 2013World OpenLatinAdultMarseille - France
10.19609 March 2013World OpenLatinAdultMalta - Malta
32.8110 February 2013World OpenLatinAdultMoscow - Russian Federation
3.8122 December 2012OpenLatinAdultAthens - Greece
9.14416 December 2012International OpenLatinAdultJesi (Ancona) - Italy
1.15 December 2012OpenLatinRising StarsJesi (Ancona) - Italy
57.1930 March 2012International OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
21.7724 March 2012World OpenLatinAdultMarseille - France
48.2412 February 2012International OpenLatinAdultBassano - Italy
13.11 February 2012OpenLatinRising StarsBassano - Italy
25.4610 July 2011International OpenLatinAdultAlassio - Italy
15.09 July 2011OpenLatinRising StarsAlassio - Italy
40.4303 June 2011International OpenLatinAdultRimini - Italy
24.4207 May 2011International OpenLatinAdultKoper - Slovenia
23.5302 April 2011International OpenLatinAdultThessaloniki - Greece
Marcello Nuzio Anna Martynova
Profile picture of Marcello Nuzio
Country of originItaly
I mainly live inItaly
Profession or educationDancer and Coach of my dance school
Preferred dancesI like all five dances, but if I have to choose one, maybe Rumba it's my favourite.
Personal strengthsI don't give up!